Our Founder’s Guide to

Our Founder’s Guide to

My name is Venesa, and I am a co-founder of The BAWR. Not only does skincare enhance your appearance, but it can significantly improve your quality of life. I am a health advocate who believes that looking and feeling your best is essential. However, as a wife and mother of two, I know it is difficult to set time aside for yourself. Thankfully, I am a skincare enthusiast. Not only have I perfected my skincare routine, but I have turned my night and morning routines into a time of relaxation and self-care. Here is my guide to anti-aging.


I want to remind everyone that consistency is key to avoiding early-onset aging. Caring for your skin is critical, and maintaining consistent self-care routines nourishes your mind and body. If you are a busy mother like me, set aside time for yourself — you deserve it. Focusing on your needs for 30 minutes every morning and night will go a long way when trying to improve your skin and avoid the signs of aging. Not only will your skin thank you, but it will give you time to reset and center your mind.

Morning Routine

As soon as I wake up, I apply a cold eye mask to reduce puffiness. I then begin every morning with a cup of water with lemon and a women’s multivitamin, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Not only does this hydrate my skin, but it supports my metabolism and reduces inflammation. I always follow this with some light yoga before moving into my skincare routine.

After removing the cold eye mask, I use the Revision Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It contains Allantoin to support moisture retention and Panthenol to reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals. After washing off the cleanser, I move on to the Revision Skincare Revox Line Relaxer to smooth skin texture and minimize repetitive muscle contractions. I then apply the D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum to enhance the active ingredients in my other products and improve my skin’s cellular energy. Next, I apply the D.E.J Face cream to stimulate collagen production and nourish my skin with essential probiotics. This step supports my skin’s microbiome and reinforces the dermal-epidermal junction. Finally, I apply the D.E.J Eye Cream to improve elasticity and prevent eye crepiness

I don’t apply makeup, but I always wear a layer of tinted physical sunscreen. This product evens my skin tone without a heavy foundation and protects my skin. It also has a hydrating boost of hyaluronic acid and botanicals. Not to mention, it protects against harmful UV rays to prevent wrinkles and dark spots. Once my skincare steps are complete, it’s time to redirect my attention back to my family. I dress the children and take them to school. Then, I head to the BAWR to start my day.

Nighttime Routine

As a working mother, my nighttime routine always starts with my two lovely children. I spend the afternoon with them and prepare them for bed at night. Then, it’s time to focus on my self-care. If you are a mother, please remember that your health, wellness, and happiness matter too. You deserve a little TLC at the end of every day!

The first product I use is the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser. This nourishing product is full of natural oils, making it an excellent option for dry skin. It also contains Carica papaya extract to dissolve dead skin cells while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. I then use the same D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum I use every morning and follow it with the ReveSkin Retinol Essential 1.0 to improve cellular turnover and prevent wrinkles. Then, I use the same D.E.J Face and Eye cream to prevent wrinkles and moisturize my skin. Finally, I spray on the DermaPLLA Mist for additional hydration. This excellent product smells fantastic, and you can use it throughout the day to refresh your skin.

My nighttime routine ends with a daily recap between my husband and I. Whether I had a great day or need to vent, spending time with your significant other before bed is a great way to unwind and relax.

Monthly Maintenance

While daily routines help you avoid the signs of aging, please stop by The BAWR for monthly facials. Our RX Facials are entirely customizable to ensure we combat your skin’s personalized concerns. You can also meet with our consulting professionals for new recommendations and tips to improve your confidence. Personalized care from skin experts is one of the best ways to discover what works best for your skin type. Meet me and my fabulous team at The BAWR to get started.