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The BAWR is a full-service wellness center and Med Spa in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas. Our skin specialists are dedicated to revitalizing your skin and giving you the healthy glow you long for. Explore our various services to enhance your natural beauty.




AquaFirme XS

Address your skin’s own unique needs using plant-based serums and technology. Infusing Korean-based techniques to fight dry, aging skin, and acneic breakouts.

Call for pricing / 1 Hour


Starting with a complete skin analysis, this 100% customizable facial addresses individual skincare needs to help our patients overcome their concerns and revitalize their skin.

$180 / 1 Hour 15 Minutes
*Enhancements available

Drain & Tone

We target pressure points throughout the face and neck to stimulate fluid movement while utilizing state-of-the-art modalities to soften stubborn lines and release ATP within the muscle tissue.

$150 / 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Lymphatic Drainage

Using our hands and gua sha stones, we bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface to reduce puffiness, accelerate wrinkle reduction, and alleviate TMJD.

$125 / 1 Hour 15 Minutes


24K Gold

24K gold is a super antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation which improves elasticity and gives your skin a youthful glow.

$50 / 15 Minutes

Face Lift

Promotes healthy blood flow, plumps stubborn fine lines, and increases elasticity and collagen by using our FDA-approved microcurrent, layering on enzymes, antioxidants, peptides, and proteins, and finishing with Red LED light therapy.

$50 / 15 Minutes

Oxygen Tx

Using a combination of pure oxygen, foaming antioxidants, oxygen-infused serums, proteins, and LED light therapy, this hydrating enhancement reduces redness and detoxes your skin.

$50 / 15 Minutes


SkinPen Microneedling*

SkinPen Microneedling is the only FDA-approved device for microneedling. Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves penetrating the skin with tiny sterilized needles, which cause your body to produce more collagen and elastin, healing and revitalizing your skin for a more youthful appearance. It is proven safe for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1 – 6) and most patients, including those who are not candidates for heat or chemical-based therapies.

$300 – Face
$250 – Neck/Decollate

$300 Add-on for Exosome Treatment

Chemical Peels

Enlighten Peel*

Using the Reve Skin’s Enlighten Peel, we repair your skin at a cellular level to significantly reduce years of hyperpigmentation, age spots, as well as acne scars. The highly effective peeling blend penetrates the skin, causing your top layers of skin to exfoliate over the course of 7 days, revealing healthy, new skin underneath and eliminating the damaged and scarred surface. All peels include an at-home skin care product system that will transform your skin in 28 days.

$300 Add-on for Exosome Treatment

Laser Treatments

Laser Skin Rejuvenation*

Using a high pulse laser, we target water-stimulating collagen and elastin production deep within the skin. Ultimately plumping stubborn fine lines, diffusing overall redness, and evening skin tone from sun damage. Recommended 3-4 treatments for maximum results.

$300 / 45 Minutes
$300 Add-on for Exosome Treatment

Dark Spot Removal

All of the below can be zapped away with ease:
– Freckles
– Sun Spots
– Seborrheic Keratosis
– Folliculitis

(Prices vary per clients needs) / 30 Minutes

Vein Reduction (Vascular Laser)

Reduces & Minimizes the appearance of:
– Spider veins
– Broken capillaries
– Smaller Varicose Veins
Requires Virtual Clearance from our PA (coverage for 1 year).

(Prices vary per clients needs) / 30 Minutes

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area

Upper Lip
$75 / 15 Minutes

$125 / 15 Minutes

$150 / 15 Minutes

$150 / 30 Minutes

Medium Area

Full Face
$200 / 30 Minutes

$250 / 30 Minutes

$140 / 30 Minutes

Upper Leg
$300 / 45 Minutes

Lower Leg
$250 / 45 Minutes

$150 / 15 Minutes

Large Area

Full Arms
$275 / 45 Minutes

$300 / 45 Minutes

$300 / 45 Minutes

Full Leg
$425 / 45 Minutes

Wellness Injections

B-12 Complex

Protects against heart disease, strokes, & high blood pressure while increasing energy, preventing fatigue, reducing lethargy, & aiding in healthy sleep patterns.

$40 / 15 Minutes

Fit Shot

Lipotropic shots are primarily designed to achieve healthy weight management goals by providing the body with essential amino acids, vitamins, & other micronutrients. We consume many of these ingredients on a daily basis, but when given in a calculated formula form with no oral absorption concerns, it can add to the more targeted approach for weight loss assistance.

$40 / 15 Minutes


This naturally produced tripeptide improves immune system function, increases energy levels & mobility, enhances memory & focus, reduces inflammation & oxidative stress levels, supports cell growth & repair, & improves insulin sensitivity.

$40 / 15 Minutes

Myers’ Cocktail

This combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants known as Myers’ have been in use for acute and chronic fatigue syndrome, general immune support (allergies, asthma, colds, and flu), autoimmune conditions, migraines, & to support metabolic function.

$40 / 15 Minutes


The perfect fitness booster that supports muscle building & recovery, increases stamina, improves blood flow, & kicks your metabolism into high gear, providing effective weight loss.

$40 / 15 Minutes


Exosome Regenerative Treatment

Our Exosome Regenerative Treatments deliver billions of exosomes to promote the natural skin repair and regeneration processes. When you book an appointment, you can add this treatment as a booster.

$300 / 21 Step System

Want to learn more about Exosomes and what they can do for you? Check out our blog with all of the details!

DE|RIVE Hair Restoration

DE|RIVE hair and scalp support serum is part of the EXO|E family of products. The in-office serum is applied using the AquaFirme XS. To provide continuous support, DE|RIVE is also available as an at-home daily application.

The DEIRIVE Hair and Scalp Serum is specifically formulated and ideal for scalp and hair health. It is comprised of a consortium of plant-cell factors that have been proven to affect hair. The serum can be applied in-office by your provider and is also available as a take-home application that can be applied to the scalp morning & night to provide continuous support for your hair.

The AquaFirme XS treatment for scalp and hair health combines our DETOX serum to detoxify and balance the scalp, followed by an in-office application of DEIRIVE using the AquaFirme XS ULTRA (ultrasound) handpiece to apply the serum to the scalp area.

DE|RIVE is a patented, biomimetic plant-based serum specifically formulated for hair and scalp health. The ingredients in DE|RIVE have been well studied for their benefits to both the scalp and the hair follicles.

Call for pricing / 45 Minutes

What people are saying

I highly recommend visiting The BAWR for skin care, laser hair removal, or physical therapy. If you’re looking for somewhere with a holistic approach, this is definitely the place to go. I will definitely be continuing to come here for my skin care after my employment. Another huge plus is that the staff is Spanish speaking.