How to Create a Custom
Skincare Routine

How to Create a Custom Skincare Routine

Why you should use products that contain natural and medical-grade ingredients

Revamping your skincare routine can feel like a daunting task. There are countless products, ingredients, and brands to choose from, making it difficult to know where to start. Some preach the benefits of natural ingredients, whereas others stick to medical-grade ones. When creating a custom skincare routine, we recommend implementing products that contain both. Here are some primary reasons we love and use products that combine natural and medical-grade ingredients.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

People have used natural, holistic ingredients to heal their skin for ages. Implementing natural elements into your custom skincare routine is an excellent way to experience long-lasting results without damaging your moisture barrier. These ingredients are often calming, antioxidant-rich, and provide soothing effects to protect your skin from free radicals. However, using medical-grade ingredients simultaneously will make natural ingredients more effective due to their clinical strength. When using products that include both, many notice a reduction in hyperpigmentation, acne, and dryness.

You can also implement occasional facials into your routine to enhance the benefits of natural skincare ingredients. You can stop by The BAWR to enjoy our Oxygen RX facial. This treatment uses antioxidant and oxygen-rich serums to remove environmental pollutants, leaving you with glowing, calm skin. Not only will this facial make your natural ingredients more effective, but it is also an excellent way to prep your skin for medical-grade ingredients.

Benefits of Medical-Grade Ingredients

A successful custom skincare routine drives noticeable, lasting results. Medical-grade ingredients are scientifically proven to penetrate your skin and make a significant impact. These potent, clinical ingredients are known for their fast-acting abilities, making it simple to target dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and hydration on deeper levels. While fully medical-grade products are powerful and effective, they can feel harsh on the skin, so choosing products that incorporate healing, natural ingredients will ensure your routine remains balanced.

While medical-grade ingredients are great topical solutions for skin issues, our Facelift Treatment will enhance your custom skincare routine. This service works alongside medical-grade ingredients to quickly uncover desired results. As you continue to use products containing medical and natural ingredients, you will notice dark marks, sun spots, and fine lines begin to disappear quickly with the help of this powerful treatment.

Why You Should Use Both

Stop by The BAWR to explore our vast selection of products, such as the Revision Skincare line. These expertly crafted products provide a healthy mix of medical and natural ingredients, making it simple to enjoy the unique benefits of both ingredient types. The natural, nourishing properties complement the powerful, clinical ingredients to create a well-balanced routine your skin will love. Our team can walk you through your options to help select products best suited for your skin type and concerns.

As you create a new custom skincare routine, we recommend taking it slow. While it is tempting to start following an entirely new regime all at once, this can cause unwanted irritation and adverse reactions. Slowly add one product at a time, allowing your skin to adjust between each one. Taking the extra time will help you identify which products your skin likes and dislikes so you can adjust accordingly. Monthly facials are also advised. Your skin is not going to change overnight, but with consistency, moderation, and a specific skincare plan, we can help achieve your skincare goal.

Create a Custom Skincare Routine at The BAWR

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your skin, it’s most likely time to revamp your routine. Meet us at The BAWR to shop our wide selection of products that contain both natural and medical-grade ingredients, and book an appointment for additional assistance. Our highly-skilled team wants to help you choose the right products and treatments to enhance your skin. We can’t wait to refresh your appearance and increase your confidence!