Best Facials
in Dallas, Texas

Want to treat yourself to something special? Meet us at The BAWR to enjoy our facials in Bishop Arts, Dallas! We offer a comprehensive list of treatments to accommodate every skin type and concern.

BAWR Express

On the Go Glow! The BAWR Express Facial is our classic take on a lunchtime facial. We address any main concerns to combat dull skin, leaving your skin balanced, hydrated, and restored. You’ll feel ready to take on the rest of your day with an unstoppable glow!


A 100% customizable facial designed to address individual skincare needs. We begin with a total skin analysis, then cleanse the skin and apply an appropriate form of exfoliation. This service also includes a lymphatic massage to fight puffiness and detox your skin. To enhance your benefits, we also provide aromatherapy, a mask that aligns with your skin goals, LED light therapy, a relaxing scalp massage, and topical serums. Don’t worry—we will protect your fresh, new skin with an SPF before leaving!

*Enhancements available

AquaFirme XS

A medical facial treatment to help brighten and revitalize your skin at any age. AquaFirme XS is equipped with uniquely designed handpieces to cleanse, exfoliate, oxygenate, and help drive moisture into the skin for a glowing experience. AquaFirme XS utilizes proprietary plant-based serums derived from ancient Ayurvedic principles and brought to fruition with modern technology. Serums are formulated from an organic blend specifically designed to correspond to your skin’s needs.

CLARIFY – Helps remove impurities from the skin to prepare it for the penetration of additional serums.
VIVIFY – Helps brighten and even out the facial complexion.
DETOX – Helps reduce inflammatory pollutants while reducing free radicals and antioxidants, restoring the skin’s healthy balance.
DEFY – Uses the most advanced scientifically developed defenses against inflammation. This solution fights the appearance of premature aging.

Lymphatic Drainage

Our lymphatic drainage massage targets areas in the face to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface. Using fingers and gua sha stones, we can accomplish the following:

– Reduce facial puffiness and help to heal the skin by dispersing congestion caused by allergies, travel, or cosmetic irritants (These types of congestion accumulate throughout the sinuses, through the ear areas–both front and jaw–and down into the neck and clavicle region).

– Accelerate wrinkle reduction by bringing fresh oxygenated blood into the facial structures along with nutrients the skin may be lacking. This also flushes out any toxins that may be stagnant in the face.

– Alleviate TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) conditions by helping relieve tight & inflamed jaw muscles. Paired with jaw exercises with our licensed Physical Therapist, our lymphatic massage could create a whole new level of comfort.

Drain & Tone

Everything you love about the original, but ELEVATED! We target pressure points throughout the face & neck to stimulate fluid movement while utilizing state-of-the-art modalities to soften stubborn lines as well as release held ATP in the muscle tissue.

This facial is amazing for anyone who wants to find relief from teeth grinding or TMJD. Stop by monthly to maintain results, or as a de-stressor if one leads a busy life.

Facial Enhancements Near Me

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your upcoming facial? Consider implementing an enhancement treatment! Each one is full of potent ingredients that will make your facial more effective and provide numerous additional benefits.

24K Gold

24k gold ionizes the skin preventing free radical damage. Which means what? SUPER antioxidant! This enhancement stimulates blood circulation, which eliminates toxins and recreates cellular connections. This improves overall elasticity, giving your skin that youthful glow.

Face Lift

Step up to the BAWR… This enhancement is vital for special events and a powerhouse for routine maintenance. Using our FDA-approved microcurrent, we stimulate underlying muscle tissues, followed by layered enzymes, antioxidants, peptides, and invigorating proteins that not only simulate healthy blood flow but plump the most stubborn of fine lines and wrinkles. We finish with Red LED light therapy, working on increasing collagen and elasticity for an overall more youthful appearance.

Oxygen Tx

Let your skin take a breath of fresh air with our oxygen treatment. Refreshing, it is a major detox of environmental pollutants and toxins we experience on a daily basis. Not only is this enhancement hydrating, but it also contains germicidal elements for acne/breakout-prone skin. To reduce redness, we penetrate the top layers of the skin with pure oxygen. We pair foaming antioxidants, oxygen-infused serums, and proteins while finishing with strong blue LED light therapy. Your skin will not only feel calm but as light as air.


Are you ready to book your next facial in Dallas-Fort Worth? Meet us at The BAWR.